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stubbornhealer: jack be numble jack be quick
stubbornhealer: hinle
stubbornhealer: nible
stubbornhealer: nimble
Akai: ....
Akai: sapph were you saving that for me
stubbornhealer: oh take your dots back aku :|
Akai: that is so thoughtful
Akai: /wipes tear
Akai: the gift that keeps on giving
Akai: /takes dots back
Akai: /sets them lovingly in failwhale with sapph's typo

stubbornhealer: vil, you or presea mun should post to the kitchen post about presea moving
stubbornhealer: since i dont think she did that
stubbornhealer: location post .....
Akai: ....oh sapph
Akai: stop making it so easy for me

stubbornhealer: i need to learn to read
stubbornhealer: and spell
stubbornhealer: and tpye
stubbornhealer: toye
stubbornhealer: ...
renegadeangel983: ...
vilyasage: eggs
stubbornhealer: are you kidding me
stubbornhealer: TYPE
Akai: ...
Akai: I love this room

stubbornhealer: aku is failwhale mod?
stubbornhealer: it's not even worth it for me to correct that now. the name is burned forever.
Kyosuke: Nah, she's not the failwhale mod. That's my job.
Kyosuke: She's the lifeguard.
stubbornhealer: but you're too fat
Akai: I just collect the evening fails
stubbornhealer: ... lazy
Kyosuke: ...
Akai: ....
Kyosuke: No, Sapph, that's Shiru.
Kyosuke: Shiru is fat.
stubbornhealer: i forgot who you were
Akai: /just. has finger over the copy key
Kyosuke: ...
stubbornhealer: I WAS READING VIL, OKAY?
stubbornhealer: ...
stubbornhealer: fail
stubbornhealer: what.
griffinkhan: ...
Akai: how could you possibly remember, sapph, you have so many names for him

stubbornhealer: everyone getting sent home right and left and then a mallynapped socku
stubbornhealer: soakk
stubbornhealer: soakka
stubbornhealer: okka
stubbornhealer: sokka

stubbornhealer: thats because he's molted
stubbornhealer: mama
stubbornhealer: mustard
stubbornhealer: ...
damn fangirls: fffff
stubbornhealer: master
stubbornhealer: mama
stubbornhealer: *MASA
Masamune: Molted Mama Mustard!

stubbornhealer: everything i've ever called matthew
stubbornhealer: maples
stubbornhealer: marbles
stubbornhealer: ...

stubbornhealer: has anyone actually confused sokka and riku yet
stubbornhealer: .... ven
Akai: ....
stubbornhealer: .... ven and roxas

stubbornhealer: it happened ICly
stubbornhealer: with jack, luna and sokka
stubbornhealer: luan
stubbornhealer: lloyd
renegadeangel983: .........
stubbornhealer: Luna
stubbornhealer: YUNA
stubbornhealer: *Yan
Masamune: Almost there
stubbornhealer: *YUAN
Masamune: Atta girl
stubbornhealer: fingers. keys.
Akai: what are they
Akai: we just don't know


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