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Vil (9:50:06 PM): kath
Kath (9:50:14 PM): /bashed face into desk
Vil (9:50:15 PM): i want to see the thread where mithous and presea talking ed to each other
seeressmimi (9:50:23 PM): it was in mithos's post
Vil (9:50:24 PM): ...oh dear
seeressmimi (9:50:26 PM): they didnt talk long
Vil (9:50:28 PM): i got my engrish on right there
Alisa (9:50:35 PM): Just don't question Sapph's ability to typo and you'll be fine, Moe.
Kath (9:50:37 PM): it was linked in presea's post
Vil (9:50:40 PM): ...
Vil (9:50:42 PM): huh
Vil (9:50:43 PM): but
Vil (9:50:52 PM): how. what. vil. *headsmack*
seeressmimi (9:51:26 PM): i wonder if flatchest is loading so well now because i donthave furefox on
seeressmimi (9:51:30 PM): ... facebook
seeressmimi (9:51:33 PM): firefox
Dynast (9:51:35 PM): ....flatchest.
Kath (9:51:38 PM): ...................lmao
Alisa (9:51:40 PM): See?
Kath (9:51:48 PM): ok now I can tell it's sapph
Vil (9:52:11 PM): flatchest
seeressmimi (9:52:11 PM): 8|
Vil (9:52:12 PM): loooooooooool
Kyosuke (9:52:19 PM): *stares at Vil*
Alisa (9:52:22 PM): /claps
Kyosuke (9:52:27 PM): ...
Vil (9:52:30 PM): kyo that's creepy
Kyosuke (9:52:31 PM): *stares at Sapph more*
Alisa (9:52:38 PM): Every time i see this kind of vid i think of Mithos.
Kath (9:52:39 PM): flatchest is such a distraction when I'm trying to do homework
Vil (9:52:49 PM): but i love posting my flatchest status!
Unkie (9:52:54 PM): lol
Kath (9:53:06 PM): ...what why ali
Unkie (9:53:07 PM): flatchest...
Alisa (9:53:31 PM): lol fourth wall i trolled him with shota MVs
Kyosuke (9:53:34 PM): Some people like playing Farmville on flatchest. I never saw the appeal
Alisa (9:53:46 PM): So now every time i hear these on a playlist i think of Mithos.
Kath (9:53:53 PM): 8|
Alisa (9:53:57 PM): :3
Vil (9:53:59 PM): i check my flatchest every day
Vil (9:54:12 PM): i'm even in charge of the flatchest for my job!
Kyosuke (9:54:21 PM): You don't say!
Alisa (9:54:25 PM): And they gewt so big, the more friends you have!
Kyosuke (9:54:34 PM): What sort of things do you do on your job's flatchest?
Vil (9:54:41 PM): write messages
Kath (9:54:46 PM): it's fun to like random things on flatchest
Kath (9:54:59 PM): and stalk people on flatchest
seeressmimi (9:55:24 PM): crap, is 12 hours 10 am
seeressmimi (9:55:41 PM): i'm supposed to be at work at 9
Zero (9:55:43 PM): lol this Wolverine anime is so terribad.
Akai (9:55:53 PM): I return
Shikki (9:56:01 PM): /EATS AKAI
Kyosuke (9:56:07 PM): Do you have a flatchest, Akai?
Kyosuke (9:56:09 PM): SHIKKI NO
Kyosuke (9:56:12 PM): *detonates*
Akai (9:56:18 PM): /bursts out of shikki's flatchest a la alien
Kyosuke (9:56:27 PM): Shikki has a flatchest
Kyosuke (9:56:34 PM): I've seen it
Kyosuke (9:56:39 PM): *is so terrible*
Kath (9:56:41 PM): ---oh and by clinic i meant medical center whatever, sapph /delayed
Akai (9:56:50 PM): kyo are you aoohing that
Kyosuke (9:57:00 PM): Oh, okay

seeressmimi (10:00:11 PM): there's a new pamp?
seeressmimi (10:00:11 PM): smap
seeressmimi (10:00:13 PM): map
Unkie (10:00:19 PM): ...
Unkie (10:00:25 PM): hey smap is pretty popular
Kath (10:00:28 PM): ......../patspat
Akai (10:00:52 PM): ...told you, kyo
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