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Meowzy (12:44:14 PM): Melee, Kyo. Yuan has a huge weapon for up-close meleeing
Meowzy (12:44:19 PM): Like Presea.
Sapph (12:44:23 PM): its not really that they're limited, presea
Meowzy (12:44:28 PM): ...
Kyosuke (12:44:32 PM): He doesn't DO much with it, though
Sapph (12:44:33 PM): its more that the game is lazy and just has them focus on that one element
Sapph (12:44:39 PM): they can't all be genis and mithos
Sapph (12:45:01 PM): mieowz
Meowzy (12:45:02 PM): S-Sapph
Sapph (12:45:02 PM): meoway
Sapph (12:45:05 PM): meoeww
Sapph (12:45:06 PM): meowzy
Meowzy (12:45:09 PM): Heeheeh

Meowzy (12:52:51 PM): I don't ship Peach with Mario OR Luigi, actually.
Masa (12:53:07 PM): No one carres
Masa (12:53:10 PM): *cares
Kyosuke (12:53:21 PM): Then who do you ship her with?
Sapph (12:53:22 PM): now for some reason, i feel a sudden burning urge to read smba
Kyosuke (12:53:29 PM): Toadsworth?
Meowzy (12:53:30 PM): For a moment, I thougth "carres" was a clever fun
Meowzy (12:53:33 PM): ...
Meowzy (12:53:34 PM): pun

Masa (12:54:00 PM): I ship Bowser/Peach
Masa (12:54:04 PM): It's the cutest couple ever
Sapph (12:54:04 PM): i think she is. or at least she was.
Kyosuke (12:54:08 PM): *Peach/Bowser
Sapph (12:54:10 PM): but not with bonehead
Sapph (12:54:12 PM): bwower
Sapph (12:54:14 PM): ower
Sapph (12:54:16 PM): bowestr
Meowzy (12:54:20 PM): LMAO
Meowzy (12:54:22 PM): BONEHEAD
Sapph (12:54:24 PM): HIM. WITH THE LIZAED.
Sapph (12:54:25 PM): lizard
Sapph (12:54:27 PM): koopa
Kyosuke (12:54:35 PM): ..................*opens notepad*
Meowzy (12:54:42 PM): /laughing so hard
Sapph (12:54:45 PM): /shings kiyo
Sapph (12:54:46 PM): ..
Sapph (12:54:48 PM): /shuns kyo
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