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stubbornhealer: isnt it the wangs that make the animals understood tough
stubbornhealer: though
Masamune: If that's true
stubbornhealer: wands
stubbornhealer: wings
Masamune: How do women understand animals

stubbornhealer: byw ak
stubbornhealer: aht
stubbornhealer: ajy
stubbornhealer: aly

stubbornhealer: yeah aku
Akai: ...
stubbornhealer: thats what i was tryng to say
Akai: dammit sapph
stubbornhealer: aku
stubbornhealer: aka
stubbornhealer: KAKI
stubbornhealer: *AKAI

stubbornhealer: night goata
stubbornhealer: gatto
stubbornhealer: gato
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[18:05] so moe you died: like mithos would accept homemade food from yuan
[18:05] Meowzy Nolastname: It's an anonymous gift.
[18:05] Meowzy Nolastname: With a big note stuck to it that says: "Stolen from Yuan"
[18:05] Meowzy Nolastname: See the reverse psychology, there?
[18:05] so moe you died: spoilers: the secret ingredient doesn't even come from a cow or a bull
[18:05] stubbornhealer: he leaves it on his dong and then hides behind a tree
[18:05] stubbornhealer: door
[18:05] renegadeangel983: All right, I need to go to the store before I go home
[18:05] stubbornhealer: .... porch
[18:05] Kyosuke Kusaragi: ...

[18:05] stubbornhealer: later fooha
[18:05] stubbornhealer: nila
[18:05] stubbornhealer: luna
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[17:49] Aly: /shares these chat logs with gavin
[17:49] Aly: /for great justive
[17:49] Aly: ..
[17:49] Aly: justice.
[17:49] Kyo: We may be swayed by cookies
[17:49] Masa: Was that ALY FAIL?
[17:49] Kath: good luck finding trees in my yard 8|
[17:49] Aly: i like justive too.
[17:49] Aly: it's like justive.
[17:49] Aly: ...
[17:50] Aly: so
[17:50] Aly: guys.
[17:50] Kath: justive IS like justive
[17:50] Aly: how are you today?
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Shikki Daemon: you guys]
Shikki Daemon: need to watch
Shikki Daemon: breaking dawn when it comes out
Shikki Daemon: or the one with the copious amounts of half naked men
alsenei has left the room. 8:27 pm
thameowzy: Isn't there a second movie we should watch first?
Shikki Daemon: New Moon
Shikki Daemon: Yeah
Shikki Daemon: HALF NAKED MEN
Shikki Daemon: EVERYWHER
Shikki Daemon: frolicking in the penis
Shikki Daemon: ... woods
thameowzy: maybe next year
thameowzy: .............
xzigzagx123: lol
thameowzy: HOW DI DYOU
Shikki Daemon: I DON'T KNOW
Shikki Daemon: oh
Shikki Daemon: because
Shikki Daemon: my thought process was
Shikki Daemon: morning = morning wood = penis
thameowzy: ....
thameowzy: LMAO
Shikki Daemon: .. so maybe that glass of wine this morning was a bad idea.
thameowzy: So now I'm picturing halfnaked men frolicking in woods with penis hats
Shikki Daemon: i hate you
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Kyosuke: Bring it.
regenderates: /FIGHTING STANCE
Kyosuke: *detonates*
regenderates: /ASSPLDOES
Shikki Daemon: /*EXPLODES
usemegidoskill: ...
Kyosuke: Hey Akai.
usemegidoskill: What the fuck did I walk in on
Kyosuke: What's that sound I hear?:
regenderates: it was gonna be asp[lodes. ;w;
Shikki Daemon: NO
Shikki Daemon: there is no sound
Kyosuke: Is it the sound of...
regenderates: /SCREAMS AT

regenderates: i've rped from twilight and i have a highschool musical muse
regenderates: i don't know how much more disney can rape me
Shikki Daemon: ... corrupt
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stubbornhealer: ... phodobucket, why don't you let me rename files
stubbornhealer: frodo
stubbornhealer: photo

stubbornhealer: wankeles
an1mei3: Merry Christmas :D
stubbornhealer: warlr
stubbornhealer: warbled
stubbornhealer: ...
an1mei3: ... D:
Cynical Sialeeds: ...
stubbornhealer: *MABRLES
an1mei3: D8
stubbornhealer: *MARBLES
stubbornhealer: 8|

stubbornhealer: richard's in that?
stubbornhealer: richtosk
stubbornhealer: richtor
stubbornhealer: richter

stubbornhealer: return of the aku
stubbornhealer: ...... akai
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alsenei: 0
Masamune: ... k
greenbayonet: hm.
Kyosuke: Well then.
alsenei: Stupid.ozibhone
Kyosuke: ...wat
alsenei: Zbassssssgh
alsenei: I give up
alsenei: Oh no tjat side of the keyboard works
Kyosuke: Oh, sure, blame the keyboard.
greenbayonet: poor keyboard.
alsenei: Zzzzzzszzzzzzzzzzzzphone what are you dii
alsenei: Z
alsenei: Gh
alsenei: Why the obssession wut
alsenei: /flips phone
kyosuke: (HAY GAIZ HOW'S IT GOING? 8D)
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Unkie (12:42:42 PM): lol i'ts almost 3am
Meowzy (12:42:45 PM): Irisbleu... I think I recognize the username
Griff (12:42:45 PM): xD
Meowzy (12:42:49 PM): Is that smut fiction?
linnpuzzler (12:42:50 PM): I've so wanted to take a tripto Japan, but I'd get so lost.
Asato Tsuzuki (12:43:07 PM): she's done some smut, I'm pretty sure. But a lot of it's not smut.
Unkie (12:43:13 PM): come before may, i'd show you arend
Unkie (12:43:15 PM): apuond
Unkie (12:43:17 PM): around
Griff (12:43:20 PM): xD
linnpuzzler (12:43:24 PM): : O I want to!
Meowzy (12:43:36 PM): I'm pretty sure I've read some of her stuff
Luna (12:43:37 PM): I AM SO SAD I COULDN'T GO.
Unkie (12:43:45 PM): SHAME ON YOU LUNS
Unkie (12:43:48 PM): LUNS
Unkie (12:43:50 PM): LUNS
Meowzy (12:43:50 PM): ...
Unkie (12:43:52 PM): LUNA
Luna (12:43:56 PM): .... LOL
linnpuzzler (12:43:57 PM): I drew some pictures for her stories. :3
Meowzy (12:44:06 PM): ooOOOOooh
linnpuzzler (12:44:10 PM): Why couldn't you go, Luna?
spiralcadence has left the room. 12:44 pm
Unkie (12:44:18 PM): its hard typing with one hand
linnpuzzler (12:44:26 PM): are you fapping? O_O
Unkie (12:44:31 PM): LOL NO
Unkie (12:44:38 PM): i am lying dowbn
linnpuzzler (12:44:45 PM): Hahahaha XD
Unkie (12:44:46 PM): on my side
linnpuzzler (12:44:51 PM): oh, I see.
Unkie (12:45:01 PM): yes
linnpuzzler (12:45:19 PM): doesn't that make the chat look weird? You'd see it at an angle.
Unkie (12:45:30 PM): my laptop is also angled
Unkie (12:45:38 PM): so i am goofd :|b
linnpuzzler (12:45:38 PM): clever.

Kyosuke (12:55:07 PM): I has money now.
Meowzy (12:55:12 PM): But the girl is designed by Mino... Imo... That other person.
Unkie (12:55:13 PM): give
Meowzy (12:55:20 PM): So I'm not surprised her character design is weird
Unkie (12:55:25 PM): GIVE TIT HER, KYO
Meowzy (12:55:29 PM): Fujishima is the way to go
Unkie (12:55:29 PM): TIJIHU
Alse (12:55:31 PM): Inomata?
Dynast (12:55:31 PM): ...
Unkie (12:55:33 PM): IT HERE, IKYO
Unkie (12:55:34 PM): KYO
Meowzy (12:55:35 PM): Yes.
Unkie (12:55:35 PM): LKJLKOO
Unkie (12:55:55 PM): obviously ii should either a) sit up or b) go to bed
Kyosuke (12:55:58 PM): .............
Meowzy (12:55:59 PM): XD
Alse (12:55:59 PM): aoooh?
Kyosuke (12:56:03 PM): *gives Unkie tit?*
Alse (12:56:11 PM): pffffffft
Unkie (12:56:16 PM): I already have two thanks
Alse (12:56:29 PM): But haven't you heard?
Alse (12:56:40 PM): More. Is. Better!
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[14:06] stubbornhealer: is regal doing anything in the rooms, lunaowzy?
[14:06] Meowzy Nolastname: Ffff, I forgot about that one
[14:06] Meowzy Nolastname: ..............
[14:06] renegadeangel983: ...........
[14:06] stubbornhealer: mewzy
[14:06] stubbornhealer: mewtwo
[14:06] stubbornhealer: lunch
[14:06] Meowzy Nolastname: I...
[14:06] stubbornhealer: *LUNA
[14:06] renegadeangel983: /CAN'T BREATHE
[14:07] stubbornhealer: i dont know when you two did the fusion dance

[14:08] renegadeangel983: I tagged John back, Bones
[14:09] renegadeangel983: ... Sarah
[14:09] Meowzy Nolastname: ...
[14:09] miss no face: ...
[14:09] renegadeangel983: Goddammit
[14:09] Meowzy Nolastname: IT'S SPREADING
[14:09] Meowzy Nolastname: EVERYONE OUT OF THE POOL
[14:09] miss no face: All I've got left is my derp

[14:36] Suik Gloris: Someone should app Buffybot
[14:36] miss no face: She is Buffybot
[14:36] stubbornhealer: buffy was never really revived
[14:36] Masamune: Aly, I think the best would be to turn her into a Buffy Boy
[14:36] Masamune: *Bot
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stubbornhealer: it has aku
Akai: ...
stubbornhealer: .... akai

vilyasage: be nie otl au
Masamune: ...
Kyosuke: .....
stubbornhealer: ...
vilyasage: *be nice to apye
vilyasage: *aly
Kyosuke: ...
vilyasage: ogod
Kyosuke: I...
greenbayonet: ....thank you vil-my-love.
Akai: conveniently I've already started an aooh |D
greenbayonet: You got there. Eventually.
stubbornhealer: .... i punched masa for you. :|
vilyasage: now i ma lugheing
vilyasage: and that mal,es it wros
Akai: ....okay then
stubbornhealer: lol aooh
vilyasage: ohshuto

stubbornhealer: nigh t twist
stubbornhealer: usg'
stubbornhealer: itin
stubbornhealer: tien
Masamune: ...
stubbornhealer: twiin
kyosuke: (HAY GAIZ HOW'S IT GOING? 8D)
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Kath (so moe you died) has entered the room. 1:19 am
Sapph (1:19:55 AM): /stables kath
Sapph (1:19:59 AM): .... /stables
Aly (1:20:00 AM): So work today.
Sapph (1:20:00 AM): *STABLES
Sapph (1:20:02 AM): *TAKTE
Masa (1:20:03 AM): ... I kinda wanna start listening to my Christmas playlist.
Sapph (1:20:05 AM): *STAKES
Masa (1:20:06 AM): Is it too early for that?
Sapph (1:20:07 AM): *STEAKS
Kath (1:20:08 AM): ....that was weird
Sapph (1:20:08 AM): ...
Sapph (1:20:09 AM): *STAPLES
Aly (1:20:10 AM): was all of Handel's Messiah.
Vil (1:20:11 AM): staples?
Kath (1:20:16 AM): ................what areyou trying to do to me Sapph?
Dynast (1:20:16 AM): ....steaks.
Vil (1:20:19 AM): aly have you seen the silend montks
Vil (1:20:22 AM): *silent monks
Kath (1:20:26 AM): please not steaks, I 'm a vegetarian :I
Sapph (1:20:29 AM): i ... i dont know. /cru
Vil (1:20:30 AM): kath she's giving you STEAL
Sapph (1:20:31 AM): /cru
Sapph (1:20:32 AM): *cry
Vil (1:20:33 AM): STEAK
Aly (1:20:45 AM): I haven't!
Sapph (1:20:46 AM): if i only had a brain
Dynast (1:20:47 AM): Or is she....making Kath steak.
Vil (1:20:49 AM): ...I find /cru kind of pitifully hilarious
Kath (1:20:50 AM): .....there there, sapph
Luna (1:20:54 AM): ... Kyo, your turn for the whale.
Kath (1:21:00 AM): /HIGH FIVE!
Vil (1:21:00 AM): okg aly
Vil (1:21:02 AM): hang on
Aly (1:21:12 AM): I WON'T BE ABLE TO HEAR SOUND THOUGH if it's there.
Aly (1:21:15 AM): My sound is broken
Sapph (1:21:37 AM): lol. raine said she had "things to do" but i cant think of anything specific
Masa (1:21:51 AM): She has a date to go on
Masa (1:21:52 AM): With Kurt
Unkie (1:21:54 AM): luna i think kyo left
Luna (1:21:58 AM): Oh, ffff
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Triad Orion X (4:32:37 PM): I never realized Stahn was that much older.
masamune3x (4:32:54 PM): Adell...
CruxisKyosuke (4:32:58 PM): He's been in Luceti for quite a while.
masamune3x (4:33:01 PM): Cherish what little time you have left with him
Suik Gloris (4:33:10 PM): I'm still amused at the little things, like how Haruhi's going to be younger than most everyone she had CR with coming back.
CruxisKyosuke (4:33:32 PM): He was 20-21 when I brought him, because I used the power of MATH to determine his ass at the canon point I brought him from.
masamune3x (4:33:32 PM): Younger and shorter
CruxisKyosuke (4:33:43 PM): ...
vilyasage (4:33:43 PM): yes, kyo
CruxisKyosuke (4:33:45 PM): What the FUCK self
vilyasage (4:33:46 PM): determine his ass
justlysarcastic (4:33:49 PM): ....
CruxisKyosuke (4:33:51 PM): *cries*
CruxisKyosuke (4:33:54 PM): *leaves*
justlysarcastic (4:33:54 PM): /slow clap
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Justly Sarcastic (12:29:17 PM): Hey Meowyz
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:20 PM): *Moyx
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:21 PM): ...
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:24 PM): How did I even
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:28 PM): Mewozy
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:29 PM): ...
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:30 PM): Fuck it.
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:34 PM): That's your name now.
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:58 PM): /and :|'s at griff
stubbornhealer (12:30:00 PM): no, her wang is lemmox
Justly Sarcastic (12:30:03 PM): ...
stubbornhealer (12:30:09 PM): name is meowth
stubbornhealer (12:30:13 PM): /gives up

Justly Sarcastic (12:30:33 PM): And here Akai isn't even around to get all this.
stubbornhealer (12:30:59 PM): shes' not the only one with access to the fatwhale
stubbornhealer (12:31:05 PM): everyone elese is just lazy
stubbornhealer (12:31:06 PM): else
stubbornhealer (12:31:11 PM): fialwhale
stubbornhealer (12:31:13 PM): *failwhale


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