The 277th Fail: Ready for This?

stubbornhealer: lol why is it when i put a character other than raine in who can heal

stubbornhealer: they decide to take over the healing

stubbornhealer: /fights then!

thameowzy: Hahahah

vilyasage: because they know raine secretly wants to use that staff to BASH THINGS

thameowzy: Zelos: First Aid First Aid First Aid.

stubbornhealer: he's spamming healing wang

stubbornhealer: ..... WIND


thameowzy: ...

thameowzy: ...

stubbornhealer: lloyd isnt even in my party

vilyasage: ...

vilyasage: yes

vilyasage: it's been so long for the failwhale

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The 276th Fail: Even On Skype They're Not Safe

[11:15:01 PM] Kyio: Xmype hates jyou
[11:15:11 PM] Sapphire: ...
[11:15:18 PM] Kyio: What
[11:15:25 PM] Kyio: LIKE YOU CAN TALK ...
[11:15:27 PM] Kyio: ... TYPE ...
[11:15:31 PM] Kyio: ... WHATEVER ...
[11:15:37 PM] Sapphire: WELL I CANT TALK NOW--oj
[11:15:38 PM] Sapphire: oh
[11:15:44 PM] Kyio: oj wh
[11:15:46 PM] Kyio: ... *eh
[11:16:07 PM] Sapphire: it died again what
[11:16:14 PM] Akai: or did you ragequit
[11:16:17 PM] Kyio: eopd dyign
[11:16:19 PM] Kyio: *DTOP
[11:16:21 PM] Kyio: STOP

[11:46:14 PM] Kyio: dyp[ iying
[11:46:20 PM] Kyio: s t p dying
[11:46:22 PM] Kyio: STOP
[11:46:24 PM] Kyio: dying
[11:46:32 PM] Kyio: :(
[11:46:42 PM] Kyio: TYPING
[11:46:43 PM] Kyio: TYPI
[11:46:47 PM] Kyio: TYEP
[11:46:48 PM] Kyio: TYPE
[11:46:54 PM] Kyio: TY[PEOITY TYPIE
[11:47:05 PM] Kyio: WHOO LOOK AT ME I; TYPIGN
[11:47:16 PM] Kyio: |:

The 275th Fail: Akai = Aku = Silvie

[ profile] tardious: ASDFFASDF
[ profile] tardious: WHEN IW AS TRYING TO IM YOU

[ profile] relares: huh
[ profile] relares: who's aku
[ profile] relares: hi tardy

[ profile] tardious: you know guynophobic on aim

[ profile] relares: oh

[ profile] tardious: long time ago...maybe...
[ profile] tardious: YEAH
[ profile] tardious: AWKWARD MOMENT

[ profile] relares: ... Tardy, that's
[ profile] relares: that's akai...

[ profile] tardious: OH FUCK YES.

[ profile] relares: Aku is one of Keia's many typo nicknames for her.

[ profile] tardious: WHY DID I SAY AKU
[ profile] tardious: FUCK
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The 273rd Fail: Just a Few Thongs

alsenei (10:48:36 PM): I'll need to ask Kyo a few thongs probably.

vilyasage (10:48:46 PM): many thongs do you think he has

alsenei (10:48:53 PM): ... Wut.

vilyasage (10:49:01 PM): well you want a few

alsenei (10:49:02 PM): .......

alsenei (10:49:08 PM): DAMMIT AUTOCORRECT

alsenei (10:49:27 PM): Things

alsenei (10:49:30 PM): THINGS
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The 272nd Fail: Haven't Seen the Fsail Whale Lately

alisa makora: Akai
alisa makora: I have not seen the whale lately. ;_;
guynophobic: well what can I say
guynophobic: start failing some more
guynophobic: and tell lj to fail less
alisa makora: fffff
alisa makora: /WILL NOT FSAIL
alisa makora: ......
alisa makora: ...............
alisa makora: /SCREAM


I started compiling a fail collection one week, saving Sapph and Shikki's fails to see who would win a failcontest. And after compiling a fuckton of them, I forgot about it! Apparently they stopped failing around me. SADFACE EH

So since Alisa so kindly reminded me...

Now I present some ridiculously old ones I forgot about )

The 271st Fail: Dhaos, that dog

Thameowzy: Ho ho ho, Yuan is going to invite Dhaos into his house. To talk, I mean, not to move in.
stubbornhealer: Yuan's talked to dog already?
stubbornhealer: dhaso
stubbornhealer: Daos
thameowzy: Because, lol, they've been standing outside talking this entire time and Dhaos isn't w-
thameowzy: lmao
stubbornhealer: *Dhaso
stubbornhealer: *DHAOS
stubbornhealer: oh i corrected it on the caps that time
stubbornhealer: amazing.
thameowzy: /saves that for aOOH

Akai: /wanders in from dinner
stubbornhealer: you'd think there'd be some... residue
stubbornhealer: aquaman
stubbornhealer: ...
stubbornhealer: aki
stubbornhealer: akai
stubbornhealer: hi
Thameowzy: ...
Thameowzy: Did you just... call Akai Aquaman
Akai: .... /talks... to fishies?
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The 269th Fail: Where Has The English Gone Indeed...

Unkie (2:51:48 AM): Man Im so hungryyyyy
Kyosuke (2:52:16 AM): *rips off Shikki's arm*
Kyosuke (2:52:18 AM): Here you go, eat.
Unkie (2:52:42 AM): dont miんd意f意dおt
Unkie (2:52:44 AM): dklsjふぁjglks
Shikki (2:52:49 AM): MY ARM
Kyosuke (2:52:50 AM): ....
Shikki (2:52:50 AM): /SCREAMS
Shikki (2:52:53 AM): /spurts blood
Alse (2:52:58 AM): ....
Unkie (2:53:02 AM): ウェれ意sてぇえんgぃsh!”!”
Unkie (2:53:08 AM): sdrfsklj
Unkie (2:53:12 AM): alkfjawefa okay
Kyosuke (2:53:14 AM): .......
Unkie (2:53:17 AM): goddamn japanese keyboard
Alse (2:53:18 AM): ... Can we still aooh this?
Kyosuke (2:53:26 AM): Repeat those last few sentences
Kyosuke (2:53:29 AM): Without the Japanese
Unkie (2:53:58 AM): okay
Kyosuke (2:54:05 AM): And yes, we can.
Unkie (2:54:05 AM): "dont mind if i do"
Unkie (2:54:08 AM): "aksdfjwlkejf"
Unkie (2:54:18 AM): "where is the english!!!"
Unkie (2:54:30 AM): I cant find the english anymore

The 267th Fail: Yuri Fails at Relationshits

But he'd probably just be like "... Okay :| /ignores", since he ... wasn't really one for relationshits to begin with |D;

the 266th fail: a different keyboard

Shikki: up[fsyionh nre vompyui
Shikki: oh hof
Griffin: ..........................................
Shikki: \you dse noyhing
Griffin: can I put a plurk message on the failwhale
Shikki: dse
Shikki: no
Shikki: ii'my puoujinhg opn snoyhrt krubnostf
Shikki: i'm
Shikki: typing
Shikki: on
Shikki: a different keyboard
Arielle: ........
Luna: ...........
Kyio: ...
Luna: /is very glad she's home alone because dying
Kyio: ...
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the 265th fail: how do we spell choreography

[and context because it is an awesome video.]

Sapphire: and then i went and promptly watched that video about 10 times
Aly: man that's what the music industry should be like
Aly: a bunch of people not caring about glittery costumes or coreographu.
Aly: ...coreography.
Aly: ..
Aly: i give up.
Sapphire: xD;
Sapphire: /isn't even going to try...
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The 262nd Fail: Multiple Crotches

Sapph (1:51:45 AM): maybe there are just ... multiple crotches
Sapph (1:51:47 AM): coutches
Sapph (1:51:48 AM): couches

Sapph (2:06:23 AM): athena knows the scor
Sapph (2:06:23 AM): e
Sapph (2:06:24 AM): ... a
Sapph (2:06:25 AM): alica
Sapph (2:06:27 AM): alisa

Sapph (2:07:29 AM): about hairuek
Sapph (2:07:30 AM): ahrike
Sapph (2:07:32 AM): haruki
Sapph (2:07:34 AM): haruhi

stubbornhealer: f maka and sow arent lazy they whousl d have them
stubbornhealer: masa and kato
stubbornhealer: kayo
stubbornhealer: kyo
stubbornhealer: *should
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The 261st Fail: Where in the world is carmen sandiago

stubbornhealer: hi gues.
stubbornhealer: gusy.
stubbornhealer: guys
Cynical Sialeeds: ....|D;. Hi, Sapph.
stubbornhealer: i was trying to nap before work
stubbornhealer: since i feel inexplainablt rired'
stubbornhealer: ...
stubbornhealer: something

seeressmimi: because she calls you carmen
seeressmimi: carlos
greenbayonet: charles just pays attention to my patent lack of capitalizations.
seeressmimi: ... charles
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The 259th Fail: Luan Luan Luan

stubbornhealer: it should be time then, lunach
stubbornhealer: luena
stubbornhealer: its januray now and i thought it was four months or something
stubbornhealer: luan
stubbornhealer: luan
renegadeangel983: ........
stubbornhealer: LUHANR
Masamune: Luna
stubbornhealer: luan
stubbornhealer: LUHAN
stubbornhealer: LUNA