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[14:06] stubbornhealer: is regal doing anything in the rooms, lunaowzy?
[14:06] Meowzy Nolastname: Ffff, I forgot about that one
[14:06] Meowzy Nolastname: ..............
[14:06] renegadeangel983: ...........
[14:06] stubbornhealer: mewzy
[14:06] stubbornhealer: mewtwo
[14:06] stubbornhealer: lunch
[14:06] Meowzy Nolastname: I...
[14:06] stubbornhealer: *LUNA
[14:06] renegadeangel983: /CAN'T BREATHE
[14:07] stubbornhealer: i dont know when you two did the fusion dance

[14:08] renegadeangel983: I tagged John back, Bones
[14:09] renegadeangel983: ... Sarah
[14:09] Meowzy Nolastname: ...
[14:09] miss no face: ...
[14:09] renegadeangel983: Goddammit
[14:09] Meowzy Nolastname: IT'S SPREADING
[14:09] Meowzy Nolastname: EVERYONE OUT OF THE POOL
[14:09] miss no face: All I've got left is my derp

[14:36] Suik Gloris: Someone should app Buffybot
[14:36] miss no face: She is Buffybot
[14:36] stubbornhealer: buffy was never really revived
[14:36] Masamune: Aly, I think the best would be to turn her into a Buffy Boy
[14:36] Masamune: *Bot
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[11:22] thameowzy: I think we're gonna go take a walk and feed the ducks soon
[11:23] thameowzy: (yeah, there isn't much to do here)
[11:23] renegadeangel983: Yay dicks!
[11:23] renegadeangel983: ...
[11:23] renegadeangel983: DUCKS
[11:24] thameowzy: ...........
[11:24] renegadeangel983: Well, I suppose I am long overdue for fail.
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renegadewangs 10:00 pm
renegadeangel983 10:01 pm
Hi Wangs
renegadewangs 10:01 pm
renegadeangel983 10:01 pm
/goes to get more coffee, sob
cruxiskyosuke 10:01 pm
renegadewangs 10:01 pm
/goes to the Failwhale
cruxiskyosuke 10:01 pm
Hi Wangs.
renegadeangel983 10:01 pm
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[15:44] vilyasage: revolving door namine?
[15:44] renegadeangel983: Namine, Aerith and Colette.
[15:44] throws dynamite: not so much aerith
[15:44] throws dynamite: colette and namine def.
[15:44] renegadeangel983: Not now, but weren't there a million of her before?
[15:45] throws dynamite: i'm not sure
[15:45] renegadeangel983: I remember Akai bitching about tit to me once.
[15:45] throws dynamite: tit
[15:45] renegadeangel983: ...
[15:45] renegadeangel983: DAMMIT
[15:45] woaa miken: ...
[15:45] Shokora Kukki: pfft
[15:45] vilyasage: which one, luna?
[15:45] thameowzy: ?
[15:45] renegadeangel983: Aerith.
[15:45] vilyasage: no, i meant, like...left or right
[15:46] renegadeangel983: XDDDD
[15:46] thameowzy: loool
[15:46] throws dynamite: middle
[15:46] renegadeangel983: Ankari get your freaky mutant tits out of here
[15:46] afroxgunso: xD
[15:46] thameowzy: hahahah
[15:50] the wonder twit: damnit cat
[15:51] the wonder twit: my boobs are not for walking on
[15:51] cruxiskyosuke: Maybe if you had a middle boob like Ankari it wouldn't be as much of a problem, Silvie.
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[15:50] renegadeangel983: Okay, BRB post office to mail Graces to Meowzy.
[15:50] renegadeangel983: Yuri, I'll throw Kyio in the mail for you too.
[15:50] renegadeangel983: ...
[15:50] cruxiskyosuke: ...
[15:50] griffinkhan: ....
[15:50] renegadeangel983: No one saw that.
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[22:44] RenegadeAngel983: FAIZE I GOT YOU YOUR SOL
[22:44] RenegadeAngel983: ...
[22:44] RenegadeAngel983: wait
[22:44] griffinkhan: ...
[22:44] RenegadeAngel983: REVERSE THAT
[22:44] Shokora Kukki: ...
[22:44] griffinkhan: a cosplayer?
[22:44] reineclouds: ...
[22:45] RenegadeAngel983: No, I got Sol the Faize figurine. XD;;
[22:45] griffinkhan: ooh
[22:45] griffinkhan: even better
[22:45] RenegadeAngel983: But you know, the hilarious part is that that line makes perfect sense canonically.
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[23:01] cruxiskyosuke: ....Oh god, Kyio.
[23:01] cruxiskyosuke: There ARE maps.
[23:01] JustlySarcastic: What
[23:01] JustlySarcastic: ... fffff.
[23:01] cruxiskyosuke: The gift shop has them
[23:01] JustlySarcastic: ffffffff.
[23:01] RenegadeAngel983: Clearly Yuri is just a failbot.
[23:01] JustlySarcastic: H-hey, he could've easily walked right past it over9000 times
[23:01] cruxiskyosuke: *was looking at the park details trying to think of something that Rutee could cheat at*
[23:01] JustlySarcastic: He wasn't looking for a map, he was looking for an exit B|;
[23:02] cruxiskyosuke: And hey, Karol's going to be the real failboy, Luna.
[23:02] cruxiskyosuke: ...*bot
[23:02] cruxiskyosuke: HE'LL BE A FAILBOY TOO
[23:02] RenegadeAngel983: HAHAHA
[23:02] cruxiskyosuke: But he's drawing a map.
[23:02] cruxiskyosuke: You can't fail more than that.
[23:02] RenegadeAngel983: /hoes to thefailwhale
[23:02] RenegadeAngel983: ...
[23:02] RenegadeAngel983: Goddammit
[23:03] JustlySarcastic: ...
[23:03] RenegadeAngel983: /GIVES UP
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RenegadeAngel983: *BUG HUGS*
RenegadeAngel983: ...
RenegadeAngel983: Oh goddammit
thameowzy: .............
RenegadeAngel983: /CLIFF
thameowzy: I'm picturing a giant ladybug, now.
RenegadeAngel983: YES UM
RenegadeAngel983: HELLO.
thameowzy: Fffft. XD
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[15:27] RenegadeAngel983: Wait till you get to the Palace of Creation. It's like Cardianon mk 2.
[15:27] JustlySarcastic: I'll finish it at some point ): I did the same thing with SO3
[15:27] JustlySarcastic: .........
[15:28] JustlySarcastic: STOP GIVING ME REASONS TO NOT FINISH ;___;
[15:28] RenegadeAngel983: It's not too horrible if you have a guid?
[15:28] RenegadeAngel983: *guise
[15:28] RenegadeAngel983: ...
[15:28] JustlySarcastic: ...
[15:28] RenegadeAngel983: Fuck.
[15:28] RenegadeAngel983: GUIDE
[15:28] JustlySarcastic: 8|
[15:28] JustlySarcastic: Well if it's not that bad with a guide, then I'll sue that.
[15:28] RenegadeAngel983:
[15:28] JustlySarcastic: ....
[15:28] JustlySarcastic: USE
[15:29] RenegadeAngel983: XD
[15:29] JustlySarcastic: GODAMMIT.
[15:29] RenegadeAngel983: WOW
[15:29] JustlySarcastic: /punches
kyio: (You don't say ...)
[personal profile] kyio
JustlySarcastic: Did that last one go through
RenegadeAngel983: Yep!
JustlySarcastic: Because Frank is like. Making out with the wires-- oh good /o/
RenegadeAngel983: FFFFFF
RenegadeAngel983: Yeah, Frank has been busty all day.
RenegadeAngel983: ....


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