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Tha Meowzy (2:49:07 PM): Dude, I saw a Patty at the German con
Tha Meowzy (2:49:09 PM): PATTY
Tha Meowzy (2:49:13 PM): And a human Repede
vilyasage (2:49:14 PM): yesterday there was a veigue and annie
vilyasage (2:49:17 PM): and today there's a klarth
Tha Meowzy (2:49:22 PM): Klaaaaargh
Tha Meowzy (2:49:23 PM): ...
vilyasage (2:49:25 PM): we had a raven with a repede plushie
Tha Meowzy (2:49:27 PM): Klaaaarth
vilyasage (2:50:32 PM): fail time

(Followed by a simultaneous IMing to meowzy of KLAAAAARGH)
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thameowzy (5:01:30 PM) has entered the room.
thameowzy (5:01:44 PM): SO AS I WAS SAYING
thameowzy (5:02:26 PM) has left the room.
renegadeangel983 (5:02:30 PM): ......
renegadeangel983 (5:02:39 PM): F-ffffff
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[01:12] thameowzy: Anyway, I have to catch my bust
[01:12] griffinkhan: what are you dudes even talk about about
[01:12] thameowzy: .....
[01:12] renegadeangel983: ....
[01:12] thameowzy: bus
[01:12] Shokora Kukki: ....
[01:12] thameowzy: BUS
[01:12] stubbornhealer: ...
[01:12] renegadeangel983: /is squeaking
[01:12] Shokora Kukki: Go catch that bust then :|b
[01:12] thameowzy: ... Yeaaaah, just go ahead and failwhale that.
[01:12] thameowzy: I know you wanna.
[01:12] stubbornhealer: she likes big busts and she cannot lie?
[01:12] thameowzy: fkldsjfks
[01:12] stubbornhealer: /rattata
kyosuke: (...Are you kidding me.)
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JustlySarcastic (3:07:15 PM) has entered the room.
cruxiskyosuke (3:07:16 PM): I like how, in the early days of the fail whale, chat would be instantly derailed
the wonder twit (3:07:19 PM): Sup Kyio o/
cruxiskyosuke (3:07:20 PM): whenever I said "AOOH"
JustlySarcastic (3:07:22 PM): Hay
the wonder twit (3:07:25 PM): aoooooooooh
JustlySarcastic (3:07:27 PM): /feels awesome
thameowzy (3:07:28 PM): hI kYIO
thameowzy (3:07:30 PM): ....
JustlySarcastic (3:07:30 PM): I sent the b--
thameowzy (3:07:33 PM): Hi Kyio
cruxiskyosuke (3:07:38 PM): Like here
cruxiskyosuke (3:07:39 PM): http://community.livejournal.com/thefailwhale/15350.html
JustlySarcastic (3:07:39 PM): ... Hi Mewzzy
thameowzy (3:07:40 PM): /smacks Caps-lock
JustlySarcastic (3:07:43 PM): ... *Meowzy
thameowzy (3:07:43 PM): .......
cruxiskyosuke (3:07:47 PM): ...
JustlySarcastic (3:07:51 PM): SHE STARTED IT
cruxiskyosuke (3:07:51 PM): *goes to post again*
thameowzy (3:07:53 PM): Fail Katamariii
kyosuke: (Default)
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thaMeowzy (2:06:53 PM): I can't ship myself with a pictional character who only gets half an episode worth of screentime
thaMeowzy (2:06:57 PM): ...
thaMeowzy (2:06:59 PM): *fictional


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