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stubbornhealer: it should be time then, lunach
stubbornhealer: luena
stubbornhealer: its januray now and i thought it was four months or something
stubbornhealer: luan
stubbornhealer: luan
renegadeangel983: ........
stubbornhealer: LUHANR
Masamune: Luna
stubbornhealer: luan
stubbornhealer: LUHAN
stubbornhealer: LUNA
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[18:05] so moe you died: like mithos would accept homemade food from yuan
[18:05] Meowzy Nolastname: It's an anonymous gift.
[18:05] Meowzy Nolastname: With a big note stuck to it that says: "Stolen from Yuan"
[18:05] Meowzy Nolastname: See the reverse psychology, there?
[18:05] so moe you died: spoilers: the secret ingredient doesn't even come from a cow or a bull
[18:05] stubbornhealer: he leaves it on his dong and then hides behind a tree
[18:05] stubbornhealer: door
[18:05] renegadeangel983: All right, I need to go to the store before I go home
[18:05] stubbornhealer: .... porch
[18:05] Kyosuke Kusaragi: ...

[18:05] stubbornhealer: later fooha
[18:05] stubbornhealer: nila
[18:05] stubbornhealer: luna
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[01:16] alisa makora: What is it with tales and men with lady eyes.
[01:16] alisa makora: I thought genis was a girl.
[01:16] alisa makora: Or whatever the little twin of Raine is.
[01:16] stubbornhealer: ...
[01:16] stubbornhealer: genis is a boy
[01:17] renegadeangel983: My mother was under the impression that Emil was a girl for the longest time
[01:17] alisa makora: I know.
[01:17] alisa makora: Now
[01:17] stubbornhealer: ... its tales of. if you cant tell, you assume male unless proven vagina
[01:17] alisa makora: DONT ASK ME WHY, OK.
[01:17] stubbornhealer: *female
[01:17] guynophobic: he is a girl
[01:17] renegadeangel983: ...
[01:17] guynophobic: he just won't admit it
[01:17] renegadeangel983: Sapph
[01:17] itsrainingchairs: has left the chat
[01:17] stubbornhealer: WHAT.
[01:17] stubbornhealer: NO ONE SAW ANYTHING.
[01:17] guynophobic: that was amazing
[01:17] renegadeangel983: /goes to the whale
[01:18] Triad Orion X: Poor Sapph.
[01:18] guynophobic: proven vagina.
[01:18] alisa makora: pfffft.
[01:18] guynophobic: damn.
[01:18] stubbornhealer: thats number 200 lunch
[01:18] stubbornhealer: *luna
[01:18] renegadeangel983: .....
[01:18] alisa makora: And yeah, a loooot of my earlier icons came from doujin.
[01:18] guynophobic: VAGINA RULES 200
[01:18] renegadeangel983: AND AN EXCELLENT NUMBER 200 IT IS


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