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stubbornhealer: zelos, in 2009 when gelda made a post about mother's day
Tha Meowzy: LOL.
stubbornhealer: the entire game
stubbornhealer: for that day
Tha Meowzy: /cracking up
stubbornhealer: suddenly decided that every post needed to be about mother's day
stubbornhealer: even if they didn't know what it was
dammit masa: ... huh
stubbornhealer: what
stubbornhealer: it was your fault
dammit masa: I'm Zelos
Tha Meowzy: Yes
stubbornhealer: ......
Tha Meowzy: Masa is now Zelos
stubbornhealer: *MAMA
stubbornhealer: *MASA
Tha Meowzy: AHAAH
greenbayonet: ...
bluemangotart: ...
dammit masa: That's MISTAH MAMA ZELOS TO YOU!
Tha Meowzy: This is so going on aOOH
greenbayonet: i love you, sapph.

Tha Meowzy: Well Sapph, it's either that or a post about pottery.
stubbornhealer: its hard to type
dammit masa: /zombie walks to reply
stubbornhealer: maybe have the pothead be part of the post
Tha Meowzy: Lol.
stubbornhealer: if it happens during school hours
Kyosuke Kusaragi: ...
stubbornhealer: *PEOPLE
stubbornhealer: *PORTTER
stubbornhealer: *POTTERY
Cynical Sialeeds: ...
stubbornhealer: stop saying hard words
Kyosuke Kusaragi: Better go edit that post, Meowzy
Tha Meowzy: /laughing so hard
Kyosuke Kusaragi: I don't want that to be her hundredth fail
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[01:13] dammit masa: Don't forget the Charmin
[01:13] stubbornhealer: /punts ansa
[01:13] stubbornhealer: *nane
[01:13] stubbornhealer: 8mama'
[01:13] stubbornhealer: *MANS
[01:13] renegadeangel983: .....
[01:13] stubbornhealer: *MANA
[01:13] renegadeangel983: /dying
[01:13] stubbornhealer: *MAMA
[01:13] guynophobic: aooooh
[01:13] stubbornhealer: ARGH
[01:13] stubbornhealer: (MAAA
[01:13] stubbornhealer: *MASA
[01:13] renegadeangel983: Masa, I'm going to call you "Mama" from now on
[01:13] dammit masa: /claps
[01:13] guynophobic: oh she's still going
[01:13] stubbornhealer: no i'm doine
[01:13] guynophobic: sapph say it again
[01:13] dammit masa: That was the most epic name fail ever
[01:13] stubbornhealer: dun
[01:13] stubbornhealer: *done
[01:14] guynophobic: ...
[01:14] guynophobic: ONCE MORE WITH FEELING

[01:15] stubbornhealer: spoilers: masa is actually jane
[01:15] stubbornhealer: *OHN
[01:15] stubbornhealer: *HOHH
[01:15] stubbornhealer: *john
[01:15] guynophobic: ...
[01:15] dammit masa: Come and give yo tentacle mama a hug
[01:15] guynophobic: luna you might have to edit
[01:16] dammit masa: Just keep that post open until Sapph here is done.
[01:16] renegadeangel983: ... yeah, I think I will
[01:16] derpisms: ...so you have tentacles, too
[01:16] stubbornhealer: what is a keyboard and how does it work


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