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Unkie (12:42:42 PM): lol i'ts almost 3am
Meowzy (12:42:45 PM): Irisbleu... I think I recognize the username
Griff (12:42:45 PM): xD
Meowzy (12:42:49 PM): Is that smut fiction?
linnpuzzler (12:42:50 PM): I've so wanted to take a tripto Japan, but I'd get so lost.
Asato Tsuzuki (12:43:07 PM): she's done some smut, I'm pretty sure. But a lot of it's not smut.
Unkie (12:43:13 PM): come before may, i'd show you arend
Unkie (12:43:15 PM): apuond
Unkie (12:43:17 PM): around
Griff (12:43:20 PM): xD
linnpuzzler (12:43:24 PM): : O I want to!
Meowzy (12:43:36 PM): I'm pretty sure I've read some of her stuff
Luna (12:43:37 PM): I AM SO SAD I COULDN'T GO.
Unkie (12:43:45 PM): SHAME ON YOU LUNS
Unkie (12:43:48 PM): LUNS
Unkie (12:43:50 PM): LUNS
Meowzy (12:43:50 PM): ...
Unkie (12:43:52 PM): LUNA
Luna (12:43:56 PM): .... LOL
linnpuzzler (12:43:57 PM): I drew some pictures for her stories. :3
Meowzy (12:44:06 PM): ooOOOOooh
linnpuzzler (12:44:10 PM): Why couldn't you go, Luna?
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Unkie (12:44:18 PM): its hard typing with one hand
linnpuzzler (12:44:26 PM): are you fapping? O_O
Unkie (12:44:31 PM): LOL NO
Unkie (12:44:38 PM): i am lying dowbn
linnpuzzler (12:44:45 PM): Hahahaha XD
Unkie (12:44:46 PM): on my side
linnpuzzler (12:44:51 PM): oh, I see.
Unkie (12:45:01 PM): yes
linnpuzzler (12:45:19 PM): doesn't that make the chat look weird? You'd see it at an angle.
Unkie (12:45:30 PM): my laptop is also angled
Unkie (12:45:38 PM): so i am goofd :|b
linnpuzzler (12:45:38 PM): clever.

Kyosuke (12:55:07 PM): I has money now.
Meowzy (12:55:12 PM): But the girl is designed by Mino... Imo... That other person.
Unkie (12:55:13 PM): give
Meowzy (12:55:20 PM): So I'm not surprised her character design is weird
Unkie (12:55:25 PM): GIVE TIT HER, KYO
Meowzy (12:55:29 PM): Fujishima is the way to go
Unkie (12:55:29 PM): TIJIHU
Alse (12:55:31 PM): Inomata?
Dynast (12:55:31 PM): ...
Unkie (12:55:33 PM): IT HERE, IKYO
Unkie (12:55:34 PM): KYO
Meowzy (12:55:35 PM): Yes.
Unkie (12:55:35 PM): LKJLKOO
Unkie (12:55:55 PM): obviously ii should either a) sit up or b) go to bed
Kyosuke (12:55:58 PM): .............
Meowzy (12:55:59 PM): XD
Alse (12:55:59 PM): aoooh?
Kyosuke (12:56:03 PM): *gives Unkie tit?*
Alse (12:56:11 PM): pffffffft
Unkie (12:56:16 PM): I already have two thanks
Alse (12:56:29 PM): But haven't you heard?
Alse (12:56:40 PM): More. Is. Better!
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[02:04] oct0puss: MASA-CHAAAAAN
[02:04] Penguininator: /)_(\
[02:04] guynophobic: I'm going to barf.
[02:04] oct0puss: now i need to cleanse myself
[02:04] gamehiker: O-oh, Ari-chwaaaaaan! Iyaaaaa-aaaan!
[02:04] grinnvalesti: =^.^=
[02:04] oct0puss: /creams
[02:04] oct0puss: /SCREAMS
[02:04] gamehiker: .... lol
[02:04] gamehiker: Okay
[02:04] gamehiker: That
[02:04] gamehiker: That was aooh worthy
[02:04] oct0puss: no
[02:04] Penguininator: /....claps
[02:04] alisamakora: ......Masa making smiles wut.
[02:05] grinnvalesti: :Q
[02:05] oct0puss: i don't want that to be my first
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Kyosuke (11:17:07 AM): Call her anything but Cyn.
Meowzy (11:17:11 AM): Fine
Meowzy (11:17:13 AM): Bucky
Kyosuke (11:17:17 AM): There you go.
Masa (11:17:17 AM): Works
Dynast (11:17:18 AM): .........that works.
Meowzy (11:17:27 AM): Bucky, Yuan got hit by that book in the head and he's just fine
Masa (11:17:39 AM): Yuan survived being hit by Aku
Dynast (11:17:40 AM): Bucky is a fighter though! Rise is a squishy support character. :<
Masa (11:17:43 AM): He can survive anything
Dynast (11:17:49 AM): ........what
Dynast (11:17:52 AM): What the hell did I write
Dynast (11:17:54 AM): ..................
Dynast (11:17:58 AM): *YUAN
Kyosuke (11:18:00 AM): ....
Marbles (11:18:01 AM): /laughing
Marbles (11:18:04 AM): /so hard
Dynast (11:18:05 AM): /brb going to a corner and dying
Meowzy (11:18:06 AM): ...
Kyosuke (11:18:09 AM): Can we failwhale that
Masa (11:18:18 AM): ... Yuan's new nickname is Bucky
Luna (11:18:30 AM): ... what did I just miss
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[ profile] relares: oh, derp, I should probably get going
[ profile] relares: my class starts soon
[ profile] griffins: /jig
[ profile] griffins: ...
[ profile] griffins: that was /hug
[ profile] relares: ... :|a
[ profile] relares: I'm going to save that
[ profile] relares: and failwhale it when I have time
[ profile] griffins: :-(
[ profile] griffins: meanie
[ profile] relares: it's too good not to
[ profile] griffins: :|
[ profile] relares: <3
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Koyu: *doesn't even know, should totally go to sleep* XD
Luna: Go to bed. XD
Koyu: Kaaaaaaay. XD *has honestly been having SO4-ish dreams that usually star Heinz, oddly enough*
Koyu: Enabler. *shakes fish*
Koyu: ...
Koyu: fist
Luna: ....
Koyu: ...wrks
Koyu: I need to put my glasses back on. I can't see my words. XD
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You did not see that )

cruxiskyosuke: Sapph typos are different from normal typos
tardious: Yes. :|
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[ profile] thegamehiker: Sapph should app Christ anyways
[ profile] greyangel: ...
[ profile] thegamehiker: *Chris
[ profile] kyosukekusaragi: ...
[ profile] yo_san: That would be interesting!
[ profile] thegamehiker: OKAY OKAY MAKE FUN OF ME
[ profile] daathic: Very, -very- interesting.
[ profile] shokora_kukki: XDD
[ profile] greyangel: thats the point of this chat kyo
[ profile] greyangel: ...
[ profile] greyangel: masa
kyosuke: (DUUUUUUUDE I got you on speed dial)
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cruxiskyosuke (8:50:56 PM): ...S-so yandere, Colette.
vagina rats (8:51:09 PM): my vagina still smells
dorkyjewelhunter (8:51:10 PM): I KNOW RIGHT.
dorkyjewelhunter (8:51:13 PM): ...
dorkyjewelhunter (8:51:15 PM): to the yandere thing
dorkyjewelhunter (8:51:18 PM): not to you Shiru
reineclouds (8:51:22 PM): ...
vagina rats (8:51:25 PM): TOO LATE
dorkyjewelhunter (8:51:26 PM): *dies*
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[18:01] Shikyou Daemon: /curls up on Vil
[18:01] cruxiskyosuke: Shikki, you get off her right now.
[18:01] thameowzy: /cries
[18:01] cruxiskyosuke: Or I'll blow you up.
[18:01] Shikyou Daemon: ... /gets off
[18:01] Shikyou Daemon: ... *gets vill off
[18:01] Shikyou Daemon: .... *GETS OFF VIL
[18:02] cruxiskyosuke: I ask nicely three times. Then I kill you.
[18:02] thameowzy: .............
kyosuke: (how about some hot coffee?)
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throws dynamite (4:17:16 PM): i was going to walk to wendy's and get a baconater
throws dynamite (4:17:21 PM): but it started raining
throws dynamite (4:17:26 PM): so i went to mcdonalds instead
RenegadeAngel983 (4:17:33 PM): There used to be a Wendy's around the corner from my office, but it is gone now. :<
cruxiskyosuke (4:17:34 PM): Baconator....................
cruxiskyosuke (4:17:54 PM): There is a Wendy's right across the street from my dorm.
throws dynamite (4:17:55 PM): yes
throws dynamite (4:18:17 PM): there's one across from our junes but that's like a 20 minute walk
RenegadeAngel983 (4:18:23 PM): ....
throws dynamite (4:18:31 PM): ...i mean walmart
cruxiskyosuke (4:18:36 PM): Lawl.


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