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Justly Sarcastic (12:29:17 PM): Hey Meowyz
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:20 PM): *Moyx
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:21 PM): ...
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:24 PM): How did I even
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:28 PM): Mewozy
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:29 PM): ...
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:30 PM): Fuck it.
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:34 PM): That's your name now.
Justly Sarcastic (12:29:58 PM): /and :|'s at griff
stubbornhealer (12:30:00 PM): no, her wang is lemmox
Justly Sarcastic (12:30:03 PM): ...
stubbornhealer (12:30:09 PM): name is meowth
stubbornhealer (12:30:13 PM): /gives up

Justly Sarcastic (12:30:33 PM): And here Akai isn't even around to get all this.
stubbornhealer (12:30:59 PM): shes' not the only one with access to the fatwhale
stubbornhealer (12:31:05 PM): everyone elese is just lazy
stubbornhealer (12:31:06 PM): else
stubbornhealer (12:31:11 PM): fialwhale
stubbornhealer (12:31:13 PM): *failwhale
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vagina rats (10:48:30 PM): ... oh sure
vagina rats (10:48:32 PM): NOW
vagina rats (10:48:33 PM): I find
vagina rats (10:48:37 PM): female houndours
reineclouds (10:51:02 PM) has entered the room.
reineclouds (10:51:19 PM): o/
vagina rats (10:51:23 PM): YES
vagina rats (10:51:25 PM): A MALE
reineclouds (10:51:40 PM): ...
renegadeangel983 (10:51:49 PM): XDD
reineclouds (10:52:06 PM): /is now questioning her gender forever
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[ profile] greyangel: i dunno if you were paying attention to the town meeting or not but walter and fenimore were all hurr durring over shirley
[ profile] greyangel: so i dunno if she would have been interested
[ profile] relares: she would've been there
[ profile] relares: it's just homework has killed my drive
[ profile] greyangel: well
[ profile] greyangel: i mean
[ profile] greyangel: you can tell shiru and akai that she was there
[ profile] greyangel: so they arent hurr durring
[ profile] relares: ...
[ profile] greyangel: ...
[ profile] relares: what
[ profile] relares: I --
[ profile] greyangel: athena and valvalis
[ profile] greyangel: ...
[ profile] greyangel: who
[ profile] relares: ...............................
[ profile] greyangel: shiru
[ profile] greyangel: shin
[ profile] greyangel: ...
[ profile] greyangel: what the hell
[ profile] relares: oh my god
[ profile] relares: I am dying
[ profile] greyangel: i can't name.
[ profile] relares: no
[ profile] relares: no you can't
[ profile] greyangel: kyo
[ profile] greyangel: NO
[ profile] greyangel: YOSH. YOSAN. HIM.
[ profile] relares: there you go
[ profile] greyangel: /sobs

A Follow-Up

[ profile] relares: seriously, oh my god
[ profile] relares: how do you do that
[ profile] greyangel:i dont know
[ profile] greyangel: but my mom does it actually
[ profile] relares: okay
[ profile] relares: explain valvalis
[ profile] greyangel: uh.
[ profile] greyangel: i could have still been thinking shiru
[ profile] greyangel: so it might have been from vagina.
[ profile] greyangel: ... yeah. i dont know.
[ profile] greyangel: ...
[ profile] greyangel: logic out of fail
[ profile] relares: if I were kind
[ profile] relares: I wouldn't include that
[ profile] relares: but I'm not so I'm going to :D
[ profile] greyangel: 8|


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