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stubbornhealer: is mushroom here
stubbornhealer: masa
alisa makora: Nice one, Sapph
griffinkhan: how ....
sunnythecherrim: ...seconding that
stubbornhealer: idk. m-word, i was rushing.

stubbornhealer: neither of you are cow, you fail the test
stubbornhealer: ... kyo

stubbornhealer: mushroom, your kurt tag is broken
stubbornhealer: ... mustard
stubbornhealer: MASA

Shikki Daemon: TEASING ME IS ABD
Shikki Daemon: badsa
Shikki Daemon: abad
Shikki Daemon: ... badf
Shikki Daemon: bad
Akai: ...
Akai: /happy face
Shikki Daemon: /SCREAMS

stubbornhealer: aku would nina have made any kind of sounds or anything that could have been picked up with that flashy movement i have been staring at it and being paranoid lol
stubbornhealer has entered the room.
stubbornhealer: ... masa
stubbornhealer: kyo
stubbornhealer: zeor
stubbornhealer: zero

alsenei: Hi Send button, I did not touch you.
Kyosuke: Send button says you lie, Alse
Kyosuke: You did so touch it
alsenei: I didn't.
Kyosuke: Send button, please demonstrate on this doll where Alse touched you.
alsenei: O_o
alsenei: I...
alsenei: /shits mouth. -_-
Kyosuke: ...
Kyosuke: Well.
alsenei: *shuts
Akai: o my.
alsenei: You saw nothing.
Kyosuke: I think we're done here.
alsenei: NOTHING.
Kyosuke: Akai of the jury, render your verdict.
Akai: I've already got an aooh post open, should I just...
alsenei: NO.
alsenei: Q.Q
Akai: on the charge of typoing and touching the send button, we find the defendant guilty
Kyosuke: The court sentences you to confinement to one post on the failwhale!
Kyosuke: Court DISMISSED! *bangs gavel*

stubbornhealer: ajatjayk
stubbornhealer: katalta
stubbornhealer: kathleeeeeeen
so moe you died: saaaaaappph
alisa makora: Niceee fai;
so moe you died: ....were you keysmashing or were you actually trying to type
alisa makora:

stubbornhealer: i was trying to typoe your name
stubbornhealer: tepy
stubbornhealer: yupe
stubbornhealer: ...
stubbornhealer: tpye
alisa makora: :3
so moe you died: well you succeeded at typo-ing
stubbornhealer: i dont keysmasch

stubbornhealer: meowzyer can you link me to mufasa's post, i need to tag that too
stubbornhealer: mufasa
stubbornhealer: ...
Akai: ...
thameowzy: ...
stubbornhealer: ...
stubbornhealer: um
stubbornhealer: what's his face
stubbornhealer: martel
stubbornhealer: marta
stubbornhealer: muthos
thameowzy: I didn't even know we have a Mufasa
Akai: ...
stubbornhealer: mithos
Akai: /juuuuust adds that the the compilation
stubbornhealer: 8|
stubbornhealer: meowzy*

stubbornhealer: .. twin how could you forget luna is lemu
stubbornhealer: lraun
stubbornhealer: lenru
croaseraph: hahaha luna got 3 lemurs?
stubbornhealer: lemur
Masamune: Kyio didn't forget
Masamune: I did
stubbornhealer: oh
alisa makora: =-O okie dokie~
stubbornhealer: masa how could you oforgy
stubbornhealer: forgot
Kyio: ...
stubbornhealer: forget

stubbornhealer: hi ark
stubbornhealer: hi twin
stubbornhealer: kati
stubbornhealer: aku

Suik Gloris: It just looks bare to shit there unanswered
Kyosuke: ...
Kyio: ... zero what
Suik Gloris: sir
Suik Gloris: sit

stubbornhealer: maybe they just lose one of the losers as a place to keep the weapons
stubbornhealer: use one of the losers
stubbornhealer: closets
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