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[17:03] Zane Gyfywise: He's just six dicks in a raincoat.
[17:03] Zane Gyfywise: DUCKS**
[17:03] JustlySarcastic: ...
[17:03] RenegadeAngel983: .....
[17:03] JustlySarcastic: I-- ..
[17:03] JustlySarcastic: ..
[17:03] JustlySarcastic: ._.

[22:36] JustlySarcastic: I can brain only enough to anger tags
[22:36] JustlySarcastic: ...
[22:36] JustlySarcastic: *ANSWER

[14:19] thameowzy: I'm pretty sure I saw a video online somewhere, but... I can't remember if it was the scream channel or the playthrough channel.
[14:19] thameowzy: ...
[14:19] thameowzy: stream channel

[12:34] renegadeangel983: Hilariously enough, mostly-normal speech is actually the HARDEST to translate and make distinct.
[12:35] renegadeangel983: Especially since stuff like varying politeness levels don't really translate to English.
[12:35] renegadeangel983: *doesn't reallt
[12:35] renegadeangel983: ...
[12:35] renegadeangel983: /gives up
[12:35] renegadeangel983: MAYBE I SHOULD WORK ON MY ENGLISH FIRST

[01:13] renegadeangel983: I CAN'T HELP IT, I SHIP ASBEL/RICHTER TOO
[01:13] renegadeangel983: ...
[01:13] renegadeangel983: RICHARD
[01:13] thameowzy: ....
[01:13] renegadeangel983: OH FUCK ME
[01:13] thameowzy: Okay =D
[01:14] renegadeangel983: THEIR NAMES ARE ALMOST THE SAAAAME

[01:54] vagina rats: zophar you are a duck
[01:54] vagina rats: ...
[01:54] vagina rats: dick
[01:54] cruxiskyosuke: ...A duck, eh.

[00:26] untoldideas: I want to see Axel-Saix dynamic now. :<
[00:26] stubbornhealer: Was that why she dripped? :(
[00:26] Suik Gloris: Yeah
[00:26] gotowardslight: BBS spoilers
[00:26] stubbornhealer: .... dropped

[02:48] the wonder twit: Okay, going to bed now
[02:48] the wonder twit: g'night, everyone
[02:48] the wonder twit: <3
[02:48] Shokora Kukki: Goodnight Silvie <3
[02:48] vilyasage: night seles
[02:48] vilyasage: *silves
[02:48] the wonder twit: ...
[02:48] vilyasage: you

[03:06] stubbornhealer: /punts shiru
[03:06] stubbornhealer: time goes fast enough without you turning the world fatter
[03:07] stubbornhealer: faster
[03:07] Shokora Kukki: XDDD

[03:06] griffinkhan: night guys~
[03:06] renegadeangel983: Night!
[03:07] stubbornhealer: night frugg
[03:07] griffinkhan: has left the chat
[03:07] stubbornhealer: griff

[01:05] renegadeangel983: My typecast is... all over the place.
[01:05] justlysarcastic: Flonne tries ):
[01:05] renegadeangel983: I mean, I play Emil and Arumat.
[01:05] justlysarcastic: And sometimes wins at it
[01:05] stubbornhealer: your typecast is duck
[01:05] Murasame3x: Lilly and Sokka aside, I play old dudes.
[01:05] stubbornhealer: *doer
[01:05] renegadeangel983: ...
[01:05] stubbornhealer: *derk
[01:05] justlysarcastic: ....
[01:05] vilyasage: lol
[01:05] stubbornhealer: *derp

[01:12] the wonder twit: damn, that's right, shirl has a blushy shitface
[01:12] renegadeangel983: .....
[01:13] renegadeangel983: S-Silvie
[01:13] renegadeangel983: Typo
[01:13] the wonder twit: fuck
[01:13] the wonder twit: asfjas;dfkjd
[01:13] the wonder twit: I
[01:13] renegadeangel983: XDDD
[01:13] the wonder twit: I meant skitface
[01:13] the wonder twit: oh fuck me
[01:13] the wonder twit: /crawls into a hole to die in

[02:14] renegadeangel983: Okay, I'm tired, I'm going to bed.
[02:15] stubbornhealer: night fight
[02:15] stubbornhealer: regal
[02:15] stubbornhealer: gguna
[02:15] stubbornhealer: ...
[02:15] stubbornhealer: *FLUNA
[02:15] untoldideas: Night Luna.
[02:15] stubbornhealer: *luan
[02:15] stubbornhealer: *Luna
[02:15] renegadeangel983: .....
[02:15] the wonder twit: run, luna
[02:15] the wonder twit: run while you still can

Shiru: /fats
Shiru: ...
Shiru: /farts

[01:15] cruxiskyosuke: When I get home, I'll move at Vilspeed!
[01:15] vilyasage: san's entry was moving at like half-vilspeed for a while and I was *buzzed* with it
[01:15] Oct0puss: if we all moved at vilspeed backthreading wouldn't exist!
[01:15] cruxiskyosuke: Except it'll be Kyospeedo.
[01:15] cruxiskyosuke: ...
[01:15] Masamune3x: I'd be even faster if I wasn't too lazy to switch accounts at certain times.
[01:15] cruxiskyosuke: *speed
[01:15] cruxiskyosuke: You saw nothing.

[23:51] MissNoFace: Bones will never die
[23:51] MissNoFace: He's still alive by the time old Spock goes back in time
[23:54] renegadeangel983: He's a fossil
[23:55] MissNoFace: and runnin around being angry
[23:55] renegadeangel983: And drunk
[23:55] MissNoFace: mackin on kids
[23:55] renegadeangel983: Fffff
[23:55] renegadeangel983: NO DAD NO
[23:55] MissNoFace: ITS BONER TIME
[23:56] renegadeangel983: srdiousfgouiwd
[23:56] renegadeangel983: Oh god now I'm remembering Sapph's typo
[23:56] MissNoFace: . . .
[23:56] renegadeangel983: The "he's threading with Boner and Luke" one
[23:56] MissNoFace: /closes the laptop lid forever
[23:56] renegadeangel983: ... WAS THAT A TYPO
[23:56] MissNoFace: ARGH

[01:17] MissNoFace: @D
[01:17] MissNoFace: @D
[01:17] MissNoFace: @D
[01:17] MissNoFace: ~|
[01:17] MissNoFace: :d
[01:17] MissNoFace: @D
[01:17] MissNoFace: :D
[01:21] renegadeangel983: ......
[01:21] renegadeangel983: Go to sleep, you XD
[01:21] MissNoFace: Japanese Doald FUck will haunt my dreans
[01:21] renegadeangel983: ..........
[01:22] MissNoFace: ,,,,
[01:22] MissNoFace: s., sad
[01:22] renegadeangel983: /dead
[01:22] MissNoFace: /kills self

[02:42] renegadeangel983: I will forever LOL at Tales games and their thing for thigh-high boots on guys
[02:42] guynophobic: like the aformentioned assribbon.
[02:43] use megido skill: ...
[02:43] renegadeangel983: Jade, Ass, Richard, Hubert...
[02:43] renegadeangel983: ... ASCH
[02:43] guynophobic: ....ass
[02:43] use megido skill: 'assribbon' is far, far more than a 'flicker'
[02:43] griffinkhan: ....
[02:43] use megido skill: ...
[02:44] guynophobic: well okay it's not like huge and flamboyant 8|
[02:44] renegadeangel983: sdfklsd I read "assribbon" and for some reason I typed "ass"

[01:27] renegadeangel983: I shouldn't talk given my tendency to stay up until stupid o'cock when I have work
[01:27] renegadeangel983: And then I'm dead the next day
[01:27] guynophobic: stupid o'cock eh
[01:27] renegadeangel983: .......
[01:28] renegadeangel983: FUCK
[01:28] guynophobic: luna you're dirty tonight

[15:24] renegadeangel983: Oh god I shouldn't be giggling this hard at Buggy and Spock
[15:24] renegadeangel983: -- BUFFY
[15:24] MissNoFace: BUFFY
[15:24] MissNoFace: BUGGY
[15:24] MissNoFace: Damn ti
[15:24] MissNoFace: it
[15:24] renegadeangel983: sdfdsfgjklsf XDDD
[15:25] renegadeangel983: That was like... double fail
[15:25] MissNoFace: /cries

[12:57] renegadeangel983: We had an earthquake this morning!
[12:57] MissNoFace: I'VE BEEN UP SINCE 5AM
[12:58] renegadeangel983: THAT WAS WHEN THE EARTHQUAKE WAS HERE XD
[12:58] MissNoFace: WOW
[12:58] renegadeangel983: I didn't get back to sleep until 6-something
[12:59] renegadeangel983: Why were you up at 5, though?
[13:01] MissNoFace: I couldn't get back to sleep!
[13:02] renegadeangel983: Ffff. I FEEL YOUR PAIN
[13:02] MissNoFace: And now I am high on cleaning fumes
[13:02] renegadeangel983: Oh, that's always fun
[13:04] MissNoFace: UT;S WIBDERYFK]
[13:04] MissNoFace: It's wonderful
[13:05] renegadeangel983: .....
[13:05] renegadeangel983: YES, I CAN SEE THAT XD
[13:05] MissNoFace: My keyboard mvoed
[13:05] MissNoFace: it's not my fault
[13:07] renegadeangel983: SURE

There there, Luna.
/is just full of fail today
someone make a new game then

[00:21] vilyasage: shad why do you desire wank
[00:21] vilyasage: don't you have wang enough already?
[00:21] vilyasage: *wank

[18:04] renegadeangel983: Richard will at least try to be quiet.
[18:04] aquenze: Try.
[18:05] renegadeangel983: Yes. But Naoki is very determined to make you loud.
[18:05] renegadeangel983: ... him
[18:05] renegadeangel983: sdf,kdfkljsfg
[18:05] aquenze: ...lol.
[18:05] renegadeangel983: WHAT WAS THAT TYPO oh my god
[18:05] renegadeangel983: I DON'T EVEN

[01:43] masamune3x: And nothing for Bowser... and to think, I could have been playing Fable 3.
[01:44] alisa makora: I could toss Aldo at him.
[01:44] ShikyouDaemon: wait, no one tagged druggie?
[01:44] ShikyouDaemon: . bowser
[01:44] Suik Gloris: ...
[01:45] renegadeangel983: ......
[01:45] Suik Gloris: what
[01:45] alisa makora: ffffff
[01:45] greenbayonet: ...
[01:45] oct0puss: lol
[01:45] alisa makora: /slow clap

[13:04] aquenze: It's kinda chilly here, too. |D We have a fire iiiiin.
[13:04] renegadeangel983: Oooooh, I want a fire.
[13:05] renegadeangel983: THEY NEED TO MAKE ONE ON THE HOUSE
[13:05] renegadeangel983: ... in
[13:05] aquenze: ...lol. Yes, they do need to make one IN the house.
[13:05] renegadeangel983: Sob
[13:05] aquenze: NO SETTING THE HOUSE ON FIRE.

[01:47] renegadeangel983: Okay, I'm passing out, which means bed
[01:47] renegadeangel983: Night!
[01:47] Kyosuke Kusaragi: FINE
[01:47] Kyosuke Kusaragi: GO TO NIGHT
[01:47] Masamune: Night!
[01:47] Kyosuke Kusaragi: BED
[01:48] Kyosuke Kusaragi: WORDS
[01:48] Kyosuke Kusaragi: *leaves*
[01:48] renegadeangel983: ... I THINK YOU MIGHT WANT TO GO TO BED TOO

[00:04] renegadeangel983: 。。。y羽hpれttyむch
[00:04] Suik Gloris: A lot of the game knows anyway
[00:04] stubbornhealer: ...
[00:05] Suik Gloris: I haven't been that quiet with it
[00:05] renegadeangel983: ... whoops.
[00:05] Suik Gloris: ..... luna what
[00:05] stubbornhealer: A+
[00:05] griffinkhan: ....luna what was that
[00:05] renegadeangel983: I had my Japanese IME on. XD
[00:05] stubbornhealer: luna's spanking in tongues
[00:05] stubbornhealer: ... speaking

[18:23] regenderates: ... /wanders off to eat people
[18:23] regenderates: ... *potatoes

[12:32] stubbornhealer: that's not how it works, mustard
[12:32] stubbornhealer: masa

[00:55] stubbornhealer: nigh twtin
[00:55] stubbornhealer: twit
[00:55] stubbornhealer: tang
[00:55] croaseraph: night
[00:55] Kyio: ...
[00:55] stubbornhealer: twinga
[00:55] Meowzy Nolastname: I always thought it was Keeyo.
[00:55] vilyasage: night yuri
[00:55] stubbornhealer: *twit
[00:55] stubbornhealer: *TWIN

[16:25] stubbornhealer: tear and van dont look that alive though
[16:25] stubbornhealer: *alike

[16:27] stubbornhealer: /stares at eyeless nephry
[16:27] griffinkhan: ....
[16:27] stubbornhealer: ...... glassesless

[16:43] vilyasage: albert and raine totally have like 76 kids
[16:43] vilyasage: *6
[16:43] miss no face: I can't bring myself to buy it though
[16:43] vilyasage: 6
[16:43] renegadeangel983: ... LOL
[16:43] vilyasage: not 76
[16:43] renegadeangel983: 76 KIDS
[16:43] greenbayonet: OH GOD
[16:43] miss no face: Hahaha
[16:43] vilyasage: *dying8

[12:59] miss no face: iI want to watch Torn
[12:59] greenbayonet: in a theatre.
[12:59] dammitmasa: Make sure to put 3D glasses over the phone
[12:59] miss no face: Torn
[12:59] miss no face: Torn
[12:59] greenbayonet: it is against my CODE.
[12:59] miss no face: Torn!
[12:59] miss no face: TORN!
[12:59] miss no face: TORN!
[12:59] miss no face: TRON
[12:59] dammitmasa: ...
[12:59] dammitmasa: /slow clap
[12:59] greenbayonet: and now natalie imbruglia is in my brain
[12:59] miss no face: /kilsl self
[12:59] miss no face: i DON't want to s e eeollviuia diwidlle thiygh
[13:00] dammitmasa: ... I'm sure none of us want that
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